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August 04, 2005


Dear Malacologists:


I am back from Florida State , USA !.

It was my first COA Convention, and it was really GREAT. I met a lot of funny people, and to some friends only known till now by mail. Hundreds of collectors were present in the bourse, and the tables were full of SPECTACULAR and WONDERFUL shells from all over the world.

I shared the trip with Mark Reekie from Oregon State . We visited some beaches in Keys of Florida , Sanibel and Marco Island , and a short visit to the Everglades National Park . I will try to add some pictures from the trip soon.

I've just added some new exciting southern shells like Voluta charcoti from Antarctica, fresh Adelomelon ferussacii, Flexopecten felipponei, Chlamys madrynensis, Buccinanops globulosus and B. squalidum, Trophon plicatus, and more than 100 other nice species from other places of South America . As usual, you see them by clicking in the “Last 50 Added shells” button.

Free list in excel format can be send via email upon request. Exchange proposals are always welcome. Dealers please ask for wholesale discounts.

Please feel free to ask any doubts or suggestions you have.